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PowerGP Protect: Premium Security for Dynamics GP

PowerGP Protect is our initiative to keep your data as safe as possible. We are prepared for any scenario and take precautions to make sure you are protected from bad actors and possible data breaches. Our CEO, Chris Dobkins details in the video below the steps that are taken to keep your data safe.  

Year End Announcement

Now Upgrading! Now announcing the availability of the Dynamics GP October 2019 release and the Dynamics GP 2019 Year End update for Power GP Online. For customers on Basic and Standard editions, we will schedule upgrades with you for a time that it best for you. For customers on Premium, Premium Plus, and Bring Your

Meet Emily

Name: Emily Roen Number of Times at Summit: Not sure of exact number Attended almost every Convergence and have attended many Summits 😊 Favorite Color: Green Big Passions in Life: Family. Friends who are like Family (including my Njevity Teammates). My two Dogs and all animals in general. And enjoying nature and the outdoors (except maybe not so much anymore

Meet Chris

Meet Chris Name:Chris Dobkins Number of Times at Summit:I’ve lost track how many since Convergence ended? That many! Favorite Color: Purple Enneagram Type: 7 – The Enthusiast Big Passions in Life: I love to travel and experience other cultures and cuisines. I enjoy SCUBA diving, Downhill Skiing, Camping in the Rocky Mountains and spending time

Meet Melissa

Meet Melissa Number of Times at Summit:I think 5, but basically since Convergence ended so whenever that was lol Favorite Color:depends, I basically just don’t like yellow hues Enneagram Type:6 (followed very closely by a 9!) Big Passions in Life:travelling – it’s a great big world and I love exploring it Thing I love most

Meet Mike

Meet Mike Number of Times at GPUG Summit:4 Favorite Color:Green Enneagram Type:9 Big Passions in my Life:Being a Husband and Father. Coaching baseball. Being outdoors. Thing(s) I Love Most About Summit:Catching up with people I have met in the community over the years. Where You Can Meet Me: At Booth 318. At the PowerGP Online