Can you use your iPad as your PC to access Dynamics GP data? The answer is ‘yes’ if you have PowerGP Mobile – the only Dynamics GP Mobile App

March 21, 2017, Written by 0 comment

*PowerGP Mobile has been discontinued, however, you can still use PowerGP Online on any device, including your iPad, through the Dynamics GP web client.

Let’s face it, with the release of the iPad Pro, Apple is striving to convince business people that the iPad can replace your Mac or PC.  While the iPad has come a long way and can replace many of the tasks typically done on a Mac or PC, can an iPad really be used by business professionals for work?

I must say, when I got my first iPad nearly 5 years ago, I had grand allusions of how much more productive and efficient I would become professionally with the sleek 21 ounce gadget constantly by my side.  However, after a few short months, my delusions became apparent as the iPad quickly became used solely as a gaming device for my 2 year old to keep him occupied while eating out.

The real problem with the iPad as a productivity tool back then wasn’t that it wasn’t capable, it was that companies didn’t understand it’s role as a companion device.  Primarily, iOS apps were clunky and hard to use and didn’t provide the ‘easy access to information’ that every company with an app promised.

The iPad is all grown up as businesses invest in the mobile remote workforce.  While I do not believe, the iPad can replace your PC or Mac, business professionals are realizing the power of the iPad as a great companion device, especially when working remote.  As companies like PowerGP Online continue to invest in companion apps for software products, business professionals are wiping the dust and sticky fingerprint smudges from their iPad and utilizing the iPad in ways they once only dreamed were possible.

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Wherever you are, whatever road you are taking, as long as you have your iPad, you have access to important information with PowerGP Mobile, the only Dynamics GP Mobile App for the iPad available exclusively through PowerGP Online.