It’s A Party

July 19, 2018, Written by 0 comment

While learning is the top objective at the GP Tech Conference, networking and creating connections is important too.  It’s also helpful to unwind after a long day of education.

Join us at The PowerGP Online party Tuesday Night, August 21st, at Three Lyons Pub for a few cocktails and great conversations.  It starts at 8 and goes late.

Of course we will have the traditional DJ/Karaoke and photo booth, but we are adding free GAMES!

    • Pool, darts, shuffle board, cornhole.
    • Board Games:  Life, Sorry, Cards against Humanity (OMG)
    • Giant Jenga

Also, we are giving away a 3D printer at our session on Monday, August 21 at 4:15.  Come learn about easy integrations with PowerGP Online and get a chance to win!


I’m really excited to see everyone in the #MSDYNGP community.  I hope to see you at at #GPTechConf and at The PowerGP Online Party!