PowerGP Online Party Pennies For Taylor Challenge

October 2, 2018, Written by 0 comment

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A great community rallying around a greater cause with one common goal… make sure Chris Dobkins takes a pie to the face while supporting Pennies for Taylor!

If you ask around, one of the greatest things about Dynamics GP is the people that make up the GPUG Community.  We have the BEST Customers, Partners and ISV Community as well as a passionate group of Dynamics GP experts know as Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professionals).  These MVPs donate much of their time, energy and effort giving back to our Community and now, it is time to step up and support one of our MVPs at GPUG Summit 2018 during the PowerGP Online Party.

Many of you know Shawn Dorward, Microsoft MVP with Interdyn Artis, author of the GP Life Hacks blog, GPUG Summit speaker and all around great guy.  However, you may not have heard about Shawn’s son Taylor and his story of tragedy, faith, courage and determination.  Spoiler alert, Taylor’s journey has been miraculous and he is well on his way to recovery, however, there is a long road ahead which is where we get to step up and help out, while having some fun.

Read Taylor’s story below and how PowerGP Online and the PowerGP Online Party sponsors want to have some fun at the PowerGP Online Party to support this great cause.

On July 4th, 2018 tragedy struck the Dorward family as their son Taylor drowned while swimming at a friend’s house. Taylor was rushed to a local hospital where doctors were able to save his life.

Taylor went without oxygen for over 15 minutes and sustained serious brain injuries from the lack of oxygen. Shortly after the incident Taylor was moved to a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia and is currently in the midst of the rehab process.

Taylor continues to fight every day to regain what he has lost in his accident and the Dynamics GP community is behind him 100%. In a show of support for Taylor, Shawn and the Dorward family, we will be taking donations for Pennies for Taylor at the PowerGP Online Party at GPUG Summit 2018.

Now for the fun part. There will be buckets for donations at the PowerGP Online Party and all of the sponsors will have a dedicated volunteer with a picture of their face on their sponsored bucket (Chris Dobkins from PowerGP Online, hint, hint). At the end of the night, donations from each bucket will be tallied up and the unlucky volunteer from the winning sponsors bucket will take a pie to the face during the party.

These donations will help do two things.  First, we want to support the Doward family to make sure Taylor has access to specialized doctors that insurance isn’t able to cover to propel Taylor in his recovery process.  Second, your donations in the PowerGP Online sponsored bucket will make sure Chris Dobkins takes a pie to the face!

Seriously, isn’t this the face of a guy who deserves a pie to the face? #ChrisDobkinsPieFace

Pennies for Taylor

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