Ransomware Attack Impacts Dynamics GP Community

January 7, 2019, Written by 0 comment


Over the Christmas Holiday, a devastating Ransomware attack that impacted several major US newspapers also took down services at a large cloud provider within the Dynamics community, and many Dynamics GP customers are still down. 

While an attack of this magnitude on a cloud provider makes headlines, Forbes.com points out that in 2019, the Ransomware attacks “that don’t make the news will include hundreds of thousands of small and medium sized companies”. We hope it isn’t true, but this could be the new normal in 2019 according to Forbes. 

While no cloud provider can guarantee that their systems will not come under attack by ransomware, destructive viruses, or other types of malware that cause unplanned downtime, cloud providers have a much more proactive and positive posture towards cybersecurity than most small and medium sized business.  

Thus, your On Premises applications and data are likely more at risk than those you have shifted to the cloud. And, if your On Premises systems do fall prey to such an attack, in addition to the downtime, you are also responsible for the costs of restoring your systems to a functional state. So, keeping your business applications On Premises may not be your best option. 

Like most cloud providers, Njevity takes cybersecurity and the protection of our clients’ data very seriously. Here are a few things we’ve done recently to keep on top of this ever-growing threat: 

  • We provide options for Multi-Factor Authentication, which makes it nearly impossible for a hacker to compromise an account; 
  • We hire white hat hackers to periodically test the security of our perimeter networks; 
  • We utilize enterprise class firewall appliances with Intrusion Detection and Endpoint Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware protection; 
  • We keep backups both on and off premises; We do not store backups on the same drives upon which the production data is stored; and We perform periodic restore testing to ensure that those backups are valid; 
  • We protect all of the servers in our environment with Windows Defender for comprehensive, ongoing and real-time protection against software threats like viruses, malware and spyware; 
  • We ensure that all of the servers in our environment are up-to-date with the latest security patches and Windows Defender virus and malware definitions from Microsoft; 
  • We carry Cyber Insurance that provides for a Cyber Incident Response Team as well as funds for Digital Data Recovery.

If you have been impacted by this attack and need help now, Njevity is committed to helping you get back up and running as quickly as possible. This includes: 

  • A ‘Fast Pass’ that will move you to the front of the line,  
  • An 8-hour delivery guarantee for your base Dynamics GP system, and 
  • Flexible Setup Fee and Contract Term Options: 
    • a Setup Fee waiver with a 1-year commitment, or  
    • a month to month contract for customers who just need a short-term solution while their cloud provider of choice gets back to normal operations. 

Plus, we offer a Zero Cost Recovery Guarantee that provides the Peace of Mind that if the worst were to happen, our team of Cloud and Dynamics GP Experts will get Microsoft Dynamics GP back up and running at no cost to you*.  

Download our Financially Backed Service Level Agreement (SLA). 

Contact us today for details at 720-870-9700 or sales@njevity.com.  

* Not all ISV Solutions can be included in the delivery timeframes and cost waiver guarantees. Check with our Sales Team to find out if any of your ISV products are excluded from this offer.