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The Power of the Community

What is the Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG)?

The power of the community comes from being a user driven community of over 30,000 Dynamics GP users. This community is extremely active through discussion forums, virtual training, professional networking and conferences. They also have a strategic content center.

Power GP Online gives you membership access to the GPUG Community, which includes:

  • In-person business networking opportunities
  • Virtual training classes & educational opportunities
  • Expanded support resources & online discussion forums
  • Member discounts

They say it takes a village…let GPUG be your village.

The path to operational transformation has been paved by the 50,000 organizations who have used and improved the software before you. They solved their business problems and now you can learn from them.

GPUG is Powered by Users – for Users. There is value in this community like no other. PowerGP Online is active in GPUG and is committed to their village.