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The New PowerGP Online: THE Path to the Cloud for Dynamics GP Customers

At #GPUGSummit, Njevity, the creators of PowerGP Online, announced several important product plans that enable more customers to take advantage of Dynamics GP in the cloud. This includes New Editions that support Remote Desktop, Database Access and support for all of the Dynamics GP ISVs.

When GP Customers are ready to move to the cloud, PowerGP Online provides a cloud experience like no other and you get to keep all of your data. Plus, we make it easy to setup and use tools like Power BI and PowerApps with built-in integrations. That is why we say that:

PowerGP Online is now THE path to the cloud for Dynamics GP customers

Checkout the NEW evolution of PowerGP Online to find out how both existing and new customers can now take advantage of the cloud while using the product that they love, Dynamics GP.

Important Facts of the New PowerGP Online:

cloud for Dynamics GP


Why it’s time to consider PowerGP Online?

Benefits for IT 

* Security: The Njevity team includes security experts that you can trust. Of course, we have SOX compliance, but went a step further and hired hackers to penetrate our systems. .

* Validated Backups: The Njevity team understands the unique needs of your finance team, including why you may need to keep backups for up to seven years. We also test the backups to ensure they are working.

* Easy Upgrades: Depending on how you deploy, PowerGP Online offers free upgrades or easy upgrades with an upgrade Sandbox. When moving to PowerGP Online, we can discuss the option to limit your upgrade pain.


Benefits for Accounting and Finance

* Exclusive New Features: PowerGP Online includes new GP functionality that makes the product easier to use like PowerGP Import that enables you to update and import new data.

* New Innovation: PowerGP Online includes a next generation API to give you more flexibility in your overall solution. It enables integration with PowerApps and Power BI as well as new cloud offerings like Expensify.

* Work from Anywhere: With the web client, working from anywhere isn’t a marketing tagline. As long as you have an internet connection and a laptop, iPad or tablet, you can get your work done.


Benefits for Business Leaders

* Better Reporting: Getting knowledge out of your data is easy with PowerGP Online. We have hundreds of prebuilt reports that help you get insight and intelligence out of your data, so you can make better decisions.

* Data On Demand: Getting access to you data doesn’t require you to be in the office. Everyone in the business can get access to the information that they need from your phone, iPad or other device, plus it’s secure and easily accessible with PowerBI and PowerApps.

* Free Up Resources: Freeing up your primary people to help drive your business forward is critical if you want to grow. PowerGP Online takes care of the hard stuff so your people don’t have to, plus we make them more productive.

* Peace of Mind: Njevity offers bundled services that include support, consulting and upgrades. It makes it easy to budget and plan for the future.


Introducing the PowerGP Power GP Suite

.cloud for Dynamics GP

With the new functionality in PowerGP Online PowerSuite, it’s true that PowerGP Online is the path to the cloud for Dynamics GP customers because you get much more than cloud.


New Editions with New Pricing

PowerGP Online offers four subscription editions and a Bring Your Own License (BYOL) Edition. Existing GP customers not current on an enhancement plan can move to subscription without any penalties. Customers current on an enhancement plan can ditch the big annual payment and move now to subscription licensing or wait until their renewal is up and then move if they wish.

The four subscription-based editions have bundled ISV products and a GPUG membership included.

cloud for Dynamics GP

The BYOL Edition enables you to keep your current GP licenses and all of your add-ons while moving to the PowerGP Online cloud. PowerGP Online is more than just providing GP infrastructure from a hosting provider, Njevity, the GP and data experts provide a unique experience that includes the new features in the PowerGP PowerSuite. The BYOL edition doesn’t include bundled ISV’s or GPUG, but it does include the PowerGP PowerSuite.