Data Conversion for Optimal Control

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PowerGP Import is a quick and easy data import tool to give you better control of your data and faster data entry.

While PowerGP Import helps you get up and running quickly by importing your historical data into PowerGP Online, it’s also a great tool to import and update data on an ongoing basis.

What Does It Mean?

You don’t have to sacrifice your data to a new system. Bring over your historical data by efficiently importing items.

A Quick Look At Just Some of the Processes
  • Accounts
  • Customers
  • Customer Addresses
  • Vendors
  • Vendor Addresses
  • Items
  • Item Price Lists
  • Open AR and AP
  • Excel templates
  • And all of the GL historical detail they want!

How Easy Is It?

Use PowerGP Import as a tool to quickly import recurring journals or AP Vouchers from simple Excel templates. With just a few clicks, update existing Master Record data.  Simply export a SmartList to Excel, update the data in Excel, and import the updated data back into PowerGP Online.
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PowerGP Import For Daily Use

Speed data entry in Dynamics GP by using PowerGP Import to your every day processes.

  • Import data for posting and update existing information
  • Use it for manual integration with other systems
  • Import recurring transaction like journal entries and AP vouchers from simple Excel templates
  • Set up ongoing imports from POS, payroll, time clock, or other apps too!

You can also quickly and easily update existing master record data as your business changes.