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PowerGP Banking

PowerGP Banking is here! Download transactions straight from your bank accounts and credit cards directly into PowerGP Online. Never use that red pen again to reconcile your bank accounts. Bank Accounts will integrate into Bank Reconciliation with an easy matching process, and credit cards will integrate into Accounts Payables.

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How does it work?

Step 1: Connect

PowerGP Online has integrations to hundreds of banks and credit cards. Simply follow the prompts and enter your information to bridge the systems. This will only need to be done once. After the initial connection, you’ll go direct to the login prompt.

Step 2: Import

After you connect your accounts, follow the prompts to import the information into PowerGP Online.

Step 3: Auto-Match

PowerGP Banking auto-matches transactions based on criteria such as check number, amounts, and date ranges. It does all the work for you!

Step 4: Reconcile

Matching Transactions in PowerGP Banking marks your transactions as cleared in PowerGP Bank Rec. It’s that easy!

How are we different from the Dynamics GP Credit Card Import feature?