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World-Class Security Measures

Do You Know How Your Data Is Protected?

Do you know how your data is protected? If your servers were attacked, how safe is your sensitive business information and how quickly could you regain access to it? Security risks come naturally with connecting to the internet, and it is expensive to keep up with the required hardware and software versioning to protect from those risks. With PowerGP Protect, PowerGP Online goes beyond the simple checkboxes for safety. When it comes to cloud security, we provide premium protection to ensure our customers have the best-in-market peace-of-mind for their business.

PowerGP PowerSuite Features PowerGP Protect

PowerGP Online already has extensive security measures. We even pay hackers to try to break into our systems. This helps us ensure that we are always at least one step ahead of the real bad actors.

With PowerGP Protect, the newest technologies and most modern facilities are leveraged to ensure absolute security. By adding controls like Multi-factor Authentication (MFA), PowerGP Online is the SMART path to the cloud. We even scan backups for viruses and ransomware, and let you know when we find anything suspicious. Plus, it’s included in all of the PowerGP Online Editions through the exclusive PowerGP PowerSuite.

Get Control with Backups

Before PowerGP Protect for Dynamics GP, you may be confident that your servers are protected – but are your backups? Our onsite backups are kept in separate servers which ensure hackers cannot follow you through the system. We also have copies of those backups housed in another location entirely. Because security is a top priority, every single one of your backups is scanned for threats and security protection just like your original data. Not only do we conduct daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly backups with a full retention policy with backups stored offsite, we provide you with complete access to your backups. Restore a test company whenever you’d like for whatever reason. Audits are also an important part of accounting, so PowerGP Protect lets you deep dive into your history by allowing access your backups for up to seven years. Bonus, it’s not just your SQL databases that are backed up. Your Virtual Machines and Files are backed up too, so you can restore them as well.

Disaster Recovery

The only way to be completely protected from a cyberattack is to not be on the internet. But what if it happens? What if a hacker does gets in? If something does happen, we can spin up your entire environment in a separate cloud until we get things in PowerGP Online restored. It’s same cloud your backups are on, so it’s a streamlined process with a guaranteed uptime in as little as one hour. Tiers for this recovery time will be released soon!