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Integrate Dynamics GP Using PowerGP Connect

Dynamics GP API

Why PowerGP Connect?

When it comes to using Application Programming Interface (API) to work with Microsoft Dynamics GP for integration, there are quite a lot of options available to customers.

Each of these options have a set of various API Calls – or Endpoints, as I like to call each individual one. When looking at the set of available calls for a particular API System, you might notice each one has a subset of endpoints that produce comparable results to each other. For instance, an API system should have the ability to give you a list of customers. 

So, what makes PowerGP Connect stand out among all the other ways to connect to Dynamics GP? 

You could say it is because it is REST based. This means that when you call one of the endpoints (API calls) in PowerGP Connect, it connects, does its thing, and then disconnects – instead of tying the system up by staying connected while you look over a something like a spreadsheet.  

You could also say it stands out because it understands the newer JSON format that a lot of the newer API systems are using. Yet, PowerGP Connect also has an optional setting you can use if you need to get data formatted in the older XML format. 

You could even say that PowerGP Connect stands out because it was developed in the newer ASP Core framework. 


The Important Reason 

But in my own humble opinion, if I had to point to one thing and say it was the most important reason PowerGP Connect stands out above all others, I would say it is the fact that PowerGP Connect is a dynamically extendable API system. Meaning, if a specific API call does not already exist, a user with knowledge of Dynamics GP can easily create their own API call to any table, view, or stored procedure in the Dynamics GP database without having to program anything. They can then use the API call they just created in an Excel spreadsheet, or anywhere else they wish. No knowledge of actual programming is needed at all. 


How to Do It 

How can an end-user do that, you ask? 

Let me explain just how simple it is to create your own endpoint (API call) with the PowerGP Connect Management Interface. 

  1. Go to the page to create your object (your new endpoint / API Call).

  2. Enter a name for your object (your new endpoint / API Call).

  3. Select what series you want it to show up in from a dropdown list for later filtering like Financial, Sales, Payroll, etc.

  4. Select what type of SQL object it is from a dropdown, “Table, View, or Stored Procedure”.

  5. The name of the SQL Object, which can be any table, view, or stored procedure in the database.

  6. Click the “Create” button and now you have a new endpoint / API call of your very own. 


Yup, it really is that easy! 

PowerGP Connect, a truly dynamic API system, allows end-users to create their own endpoints / API Calls anytime to anything in the database they wish – providing them with the power of data connection through integration with Dynamics GP. 


If you’d like to learn more about the right move to the cloud for Dynamics GP users and PowerGP Online, please contact us here. Or email us at