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The RIGHT Path to the Cloud for Dynamics GP!

Moving to the cloud has never been easier than with PowerGP Online! Our PowerGP Concierge program will onboard you in luxurious style. Plus, PowerGP Online brings you added features and efficiencies that will put time back into your day.

We also have some exciting news – we’re launching PowerGP Banking! What does this mean? It means we’ve done what Microsoft hasn’t. And it means that we created a tool that you’ve been asking for within Dynamics GP since the mid-1990’s. See below!





Don’t sacrifice your systems to move to the cloud. In fact, gain efficiencies by moving to PowerGP Online! With our exclusive extra features, PowerGP Online allows you to work remotely with confidence.

Leave behind those IT hassles and experience our world-class security.

PowerGP Banking IS HERE!

Connect to hundreds of banks and credit card companies. Then within a few clicks, you can download your bank statements and credit card transactions directly into PowerGP Online.

Map transactions. Include and exclude transactions. Reconcile your accounts. And leave enough time for an extra coffee break in your morning!



Already have Dynamics GP but want to gain all of the benefits of a transition to the Cloud? It’s easy with our BYOL offer! Bring your own existing GP licenses along with you and receive the first 2 months free!

* 14 Month Commitment

Want a sneak peek at some of our extras?