Made for IT Professionals

Most IT experts acknowledge that an organization’s data is actually safer in a secure cloud computing environment than it is on a company server. While security breaches make headlines, in almost all cases, it is user error that causes such vulnerabilities.

PowerGP Online hired hackers to test for vulnerabilities to ensure we provided the securest environment possible.

According to Tudor Coleman, Director of Cloud Operations and Compliance:

“Yesterday’s hack is today’s standard process.”

IT Professionals will always be challenged to create and enforce data security controls. But moving to a SaaS environment like Power GP Online, your IT Team can give up low-value tasks like:

  • Security patches
  • Server upgrades
  • Software upgrades

Instead, your team can focus on strategic IT initiatives like:

  • Improvement of workflow and IT operations
  • Enforcing IT security
  • Creating compliance, privacy and governance standards
  • Supporting strategic business unit initiatives

The Power of Azure

  • Used by over 90% of Fortune 500 businesses
  • ISO 27001 Compliant
  • SOX Compliant
  • Multi-layered security built into hardware and firmware
  • Supported by a team of more than 3500 global cyber-security experts

The Power of Dynamics GP

  • FREE Upgrades on your Time Table.
  • Secured through Office 365 Authenticated logins
  • Includes PowerGP Mobile Apps & and PowerBI KPIs
  • Allows you the freedom to use add-on solutions
  • Integrates with Office 365, Power BI and other Microsoft Tools

The Power of the Dynamics GP Community

  • Supported by thousands of Certified Partners
  • Trusted by nearly 50,000 businesses
  • Functionality can be extended using add-on software solutions
  • Widely-supported partner and customer community of information and events