HR & Payroll Suite

Don’t just make your life easier. Serve your teams better with our HR/Payroll Suite for PowerGP Online. From self-service portals to compliancy, keep your HR tasks in perfect order.

HR and Payroll Suite


  • Increase control of end-to-end payroll management.
  • Decrease the costs and frustrations associated with accurately paying your employees.
  • Ensure that your Federal and State payroll tax tables stay up-to-date.
  • Electronically manage filings and payments for Federal, State, and Local agencies.
  • Provide employees with an exceptional Employee Self Service Portal experience.

HR/Payroll Suite for PowerGP Online Includes:

Self Service Portal

  • Easily upload and manage Earnings Statements, W-2s, Federal W-4s, I-9s, company documents, direct deposit, and profile information from one easy portal with easy, real-time information exchange with PowerGP Online.
  • E-Paystubs – Publish paystubs and earning statements online for your employees to view at their convenience through a secure, easy to use employee portal.
  • W-2 Forms – Online W-2 distribution available for employees to receive tax forms electronically and on-demand, bypassing the need to receive a paper copy at year-end.
  • Profile Self Service – A flexible system for employees to manage basic Employee Card information including address (with automatic correction), contacts, and dependents with a bi-directional workflow with Payroll once changes have been reviewed.
  • Direct Deposit Management – A self-service tool to easily view and manage payroll direct deposit information. This offers instant feedback on data such as routing numbers, and has a setting that allows administrators to review data before the changes become active.
  • Federal W-4 – Easy interface to manage W-4 certificates, including a direct feed into Payroll once reviewed and approved. Includes digital signatures and various reports, including historical versions, employee information, and yearly reminders for exempt employees.
  • Sharable HR Documents – Allows company administrators to set up any of their documents as electronic documents and post them online for their employees to view and complete as needed. This will allow you to intelligently move paper documents on to one easy-to-use electronic document management system.

Integrity Data

  • Negative Payroll Transactions (NPT) – Make payroll corrections and adjustments in just 1 easy step by entering a negative transaction rather than using time-intensive manual check transactions.
  • Mid Pay Periodic Rate Change – Manage and accurately apply pay rate changes that take effect in the middle of a pay period.
  • Enhanced Retirement Plans – Automate and enforce employer tiered matches and contribution limits (imposed by law or company policy) in retirement plans – even across multiple programs.
  • Life Insurance Calculator – Automatically calculate changes to an employee’s term life insurance tax when they experience a salary or age change.
  • Paycheck “What-If” Calculator – Perform hypothetical net pay or gross-up calculations in seconds rather than taking the time and risk of changing data to run a mock payroll.
  • Negative Deductions Enhancement – Easily refund over-withheld deductions – such as health insurance or life insurance premiums.
  • Employee Accounts & Splits – Easily manage complex payroll posting requirements – such as splitting costs and expense distributions across multiple cost centers.
  • Overtime Hours Rules – Gain flexibility in configuring rules for calculating overtime hours for employees. Negative Payroll Transactions

Tax Compliance

  • The Payroll Tax Compliance module will tell you the exact date that payroll tax payments and electronic filings are due, and will transfer funds to government agencies directly from your account without forcing you to pay a 3rd party in advance. This module gives businesses the ability to combine employee data from multiple PowerGP Online companies into a single, unified Employee Self Service Portal Experience.
  • Federal -Payments for Federal Income Tax Withholding (FIT), Social Security, Medicare, and Federal Unemployment (FUTA). E-filing for Federal W-2s, 940 and 941, and New Hire Reports.
  • State – Payments and e-filings for State Income Tax Withholding (SIT) and State Unemployment Insurance (SUTA or SUI), as well as e-filing of New Hire Reports.
  • Local – Creates the local withholding reports and payment vouchers for thousands of localities throughout the country. By pulling the local tax codes from Payroll, it will determine the wage and tax information as well as track deadlines for these filings and payments making even the hardest localities easy to manage.

Dynamics GP

  • US Payroll – Automate payroll processing, equip staff to handle complex payroll requirements, and offer better service to your employees while reducing overhead costs.
  • Direct Deposit – Enables you to add payroll funds to employees’ bank, savings and loan, or credit union accounts through an automated clearing house (ACH) file.
  • Human Resource Management – Attract and retain top talent and offer employees better services with customizable hiring processes, scheduling, pay rates, and performance evaluation tools.
  • Payroll Extensions – Manage complex and changing requirements while insuring Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
  • Overtime Rate Manager
  • Deductions in Arrears
  • Payroll to AP
  • Federal and State Tax Updates

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