Tested by White-Hat Hackers

Everyone knows that security is important, but not everyone knows how secure their data really is.

PowerGP Online is tested by hackers. Major data breaches that affect millions of people happen all the time, and these are usually from companies who have security experts. We live in a world where people (hackers) are constantly trying to get information that is important to you for their personal gain.

An environment is only secure based on the people who use it. Hackers focus on the people who are the most vulnerable. It makes their plans easier to implement.

PowerGP Online hires hackers to find vulnerabilities to ensure that we provide the most secure environment possible.

What’s the Result?

PowerGP Online offers security patches, server upgrades, and software upgrades. We also provide webcasts and blog posts educating our community on how to reduce threats.

Being truly secure takes education, because your people need to understand how to protect not only themselves but also the company.

We protect you, so you can focus on your business.

Want to learn more? Check out this recorded webinar on the trends in cyber threats and how to protect against them.