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3 Tips for Faster Jet Financials and PowerGP Online

Watch Belinda’s Video to see 3 little steps she makes that allow for faster Financial Reports Calculations when using PowerGP Online and Jet Reports.


Tip 1:  Leave Column A for Jet.  Don’t put anything extra in there.  If you need space for “hidden” formulas and calculations, use another column.

Tip 2:  Use Fiscal Periods rather than dates when calculating the amounts fields. If you use dates, every line of data in the detail file will be reviewed.  If you use fiscal periods, the GL Account Summary table is used.  Fewer lines to review = Faster processing time.

Also, if using a formula to create the fiscal period format for Jet (YYYY/MM or 2027/04), put the formula in a hidden column and reference the cell.  This will allow for this formula to calculate only one time, rather than for every account number.

Hey, this was 2 tips in 1!

Tip 3:  For Jet Reports (formerly Jet Professional) only – When creating rows of Accounts and the GL Account descriptions, use the NL function and the Jet GL Account table.  Each account will be displayed once, and only once, in this table so it calculates faster.   Again: Fewer lines to review = Faster processing time.

Hope this helps!