Best Accounting Solution for Mid-Size Businesses

April 11, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Looking for the best accounting solution for mid-size businesses? Over the last several years, some in the Accounting / ERP industry have been saying that Dynamics GP is just too old to be a viable solution for dynamic, growing businesses. This is a clever deception. Clever because it is built on a small bit of truth (Dynamics GP has been around for a long time), but the conclusion we are asked to draw (that Dynamics GP is no longer viable) is false. This argument is little more than a self-serving misdirection designed to distract from the fact that the ‘new’, ‘younger’ players are not that competitive with Dynamics GP.

Having worked with Dynamics GP for almost 25 years, I can say without any hesitation that Dynamics GP is, without a doubt, the best Accounting solution for mid-size businesses in North America. Martin Olsen, Co-Founder and Product Director for eOne Solutions recently came to a similar conclusion. You can read Martin’s thoughts here.

Has GP been around for a long time? Sure. But as Belinda Allen, Microsoft Business Solutions MVP and colleague at Njevity, recently pointed out to me, Excel is OLDER than Dynamics GP! When was the last time you thought to yourself, “this Excel program is just too old to be any good…I think I should find a ‘younger’ spreadsheet for my business.”? Answer: Probably never.

Excel has evolved over the years by expanding its feature set to add more value, by updating its user interface to make it easier to use, and by offering a cloud experience in Excel Online. In short, it does everything you need it to do, and more. It may be old, but it is no laggard. In fact, its age is an asset.

In the same vein, Dynamics GP is not only jam packed with more features and functionality than any other competitive product, but it also has

  • more customers,
  • across more industries,
  • has automated more business processes,
  • provides more executives with timely, accurate information upon which key business decisions are made,
  • and helps more finance teams streamline their workloads and increase efficiency while adding even more value to their business!

Dynamics GP also has the flexibility to help customers of all sizes and needs. It can scale down to a business with only a few million in revenue and 1 or 2 users, and it can scale up to multi-billion dollar companies with thousands of users. If you want to run it on premises on your own servers that you control and manage, you can. If you prefer a simple Cloud deployment that helps you transfer risk and have peace-of-mind that your system is backed up and ready to run regardless of where you are or what device you happen to be holding, you can have that too.

Still not convinced Dynamics GP is the best accounting solution for mid-size businesses? Dynamics GP has always been, and still is, a leader in technology innovation. In fact, innovation is baked into its very fabric. Dynamics GP was the:

  • First Windows based mid-market accounting application on the market.
  • First to make the leap from 16-bit to 32-bit technology.
  • First (and perhaps only) accounting application to run on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms from a single code-base.
  • First to fully embrace technologies such as DDE and Apple Events which were the building blocks for the sharing of information between different applications.
  • First to provide graphical report writing tools.
  • First to support Microsoft SQL Server.
  • First to provide ad-hoc query tools with exports to excel.
  • First to provide a fully integrated eCommerce platform.
  • First to offer personalized navigation and role-based experiences.
  • First Microsoft ERP to run in a web browser.

Today, Dynamics GP not only runs in any browser on any connected device, but it also integrates with Office365, Exchange, Excel, Word, SharePoint, Power BI, PowerApps and Flow. And, it has powerful API’s and integration tools that allow Dynamics GP to integrate with anything and everything. One need only review the Dynamics GP Roadmap to see that Microsoft is committed to making Dynamics GP better tomorrow than it was yesterday.

Old is such a poor choice of words to describe Dynamics GP. Experienced. Capable. Trustworthy. Innovative. Dependable. Time-Tested. Rock Solid. Proven. Dependable. These are the words that come to mind when I think about Dynamics GP and and why it is still the best accounting solution for mid-size businesses.

If you are in the market for a proven Accounting / ERP solution, don’t let the only-in-the-cloud kiddos convince you that Dynamics GP is old and stodgy. Remember that their products are relatively new, and they don’t have near the functionality, experience or customer base of Dynamics GP. In fact, Dynamics GP has more customers than the top three mid-market cloud-based ERP apps COMBINED.

Dynamics GP is designed to meet you where your business is today and to grow with you from there. For many businesses, it may be the only Accounting / ERP solution that you ever need. Like Excel, Microsoft is continuing to add new features and improve the user interface to make it easier to use. And if you want an exceptional cloud experience with the most trusted, innovative, proven mid-market ERP solution, Dynamics GP just might be your huckleberry.

Is Dynamics GP too old to be trusted with your business? Quite the contrary. Like a fine wine or single malt scotch, Dynamics GP just gets better and better with age and in my opinion, still the Best Accounting Solution for mid-size businesses.


“I want you to know that also I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”

–Ronald Reagan