An MVP’s Perspective on the Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap and Future

March 29, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Last week I was fortunate enough to attend Amplify in Anaheim California. Amplify is both a customer and partner event for Microsoft Dynamics GP. I was not able to attend the opening session due to a training class I was conducting. Fortunately, GPUG posted the opening session on YouTube, so I could watch it when I returned home.

Yesterday I popped some corn and sat down to watch Errol (Schoenfish) and the gang show off the Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap and I was happy to see some of my favorite Microsoft folks showing off some cool new features (Jodi Christiansen, Theresa Nistler, and Chad Sogge.)  I also appreciated the shout out Errol gave to Pam Misialek.

I was happy to see some changes since the last road map.  The previous one just had arrows in the future.  Now we see GP2018 listed proudly with a 2017H2 release, along with another version in 2018H2 and another (and more) to follow.  It makes a lot of partners and customers happy to see the versions displayed. MVP’s have regular meetings with the Microsoft team, and they been talking about the upcoming releases (yes multiple) at every meeting.

I felt like something was left unsaid, although it was shown.  What wasn’t said?  Microsoft Dynamics GP has been, is and will continue to be relevant.  How was it shown?  Jodi and Theresa showed GP being used with super new and super cool Microsoft Apps like Power BI,  PowerApps and Flow.  When you work with the latest technology you are still relevant.  Since the Web Client for GP works in HTML5, I can even run our GP on my iPhone (although I need my glasses to read it, well read everything on my iPhone nowadays.  J)

BTW, Errol mentioned Microsoft Connect as the place for users and partners to enter suggestions.  He even referred to a few who post something and lobby their pals to “vote it up.”  I’m proudly one of those people.  I’m always thinking, what will make GP easier or better for me (I’m a user too) and my customers.

If I missed you at Amplify, hopefully we’ll catch up at Summit in October, and the October after that, and the October after that, and so on.  GP is not going anywhere and neither am I.

Click Here to see the Microsoft Dynamics GP Roadmap

-Belinda Allen, Microsoft MVP