PowerGP Online February 2018 Release

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PowerGP Online February 2018 Release

The PowerGP Online Team has been hard at work to bring you new features and updates for the PowerGP Online Suite of Products. With the February PowerGP Online February 2018 Release you will see support for Dynamics GP 2018, new and improved PowerGP Imports, Budgets for MDA, a Batch Status Reset Utility, a new (lower) price for the HR/Payroll Suite, and much, much more!


Power GP Online

Added Support for Dynamics GP 2018

  • All new tenants are now being provisioned on Dynamics GP 2018 v18.00.0438.
  • Existing tenants may now start scheduling their PowerGP Online 2018 upgrade with their partner.


Added Support for Jet Reports 2018

  • The Jet ribbon within Excel has a new, contemporary look. Outdated features have been removed, new features added, and other items have been updated to make them easier to find and use.
  • Windows within the Jet Excel add-in have been given a consistent and more contemporary look.
  • You now have enhanced control of the Jet ribbon, so you can make it look just the way you need for the way you build and view your reports.
  • Partners may now download the latest version of Jet Reports for PowerGP Online from the PowerGP Online Partner Portal.


Reset Batch Status Utility

In this release, we have added a Reset Batch Status window that allows you to select and release a stuck batch. This window can be found in the Routines Section of the Administration Area Home Page as well as Web Client Search. This feature is available in both Essentials and Professional Editions of PowerGP Online.


Payables Transaction Entry – Vendor Activity Pane

The February 2018 Release the addition of a Vendor Activity Pane to the Payables Transaction Entry window. After selecting a Vendor, the Vendor Activity Pane will display recent invoices, credits and payments for that Vendor and allow you to drill down and open the displayed transactions as well as the list of all transactions for that Vendor. This feature is available in both Essentials and Professional Editions of PowerGP Online. (Coming Soon)


Checkbook inquiry Performance Improvements

In this release, we have modified the Checkbook Register Inquiry and Checkbook Balance Inquiry windows to prevent the list of transactions from populating until you press the Redisplay Button. This allows you to enter date range filters prior to populating the list of transactions. This significantly improves the User Experience for customers with high volumes of checkbook transactions. This feature is available in both Essentials and Professional Editions of PowerGP Online. (Coming Soon)


Updates to PowerGP Online Editions

With the February 2018 Release, we are making a few changes to the module bundling in our Editions to better align the functionality of the product with Customer needs.

We made the decision in this release that Analytical Accounting and Grant Management are not in alignment with our objective of providing an intuitive, simple and delightful User Experience. So, we have removed these features from PowerGP Online (they were previously available in the Professional Edition).

We are now working on delivering enhanced functionality and reporting capabilities to Multi-Dimensional Analysis (MDA) to make it a solid replacement for Analytical Accounting. MDA is not only easy to use and intuitive, but it also gives our customers the ability to define an unlimited number of Financial Dimensions while providing an exceptional User Experience.


Budgets for Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Multi-Dimensional Analysis is available in both the Essentials and Professional Editions of PowerGP Online. In this release, we are introducing MDA Budgets (coming soon) to the Professional Edition. This includes the following two new windows:

  • MDA Budget Maintenance
  • MDA Budget vs Actual


PowerGP Import Enhancements

New Imports added in this Release

With the February 2018 Release, we now have 23 PowerGP Imports available for you to use across both editions of PowerGP Online. The three new Imports added in this release are:

  • Bank Transactions
  • AP Payments
  • Inventory Transactions


General Improvements

  • Added a PowerGP Import window that allows you to access all the imports from a single place. This window can be added to your Homepage Quick Links and is also available from:
    • Web Client Search
    • The Routines Section of the Administration Area Home Page
  • Added a REVALIDATE button to all the Import Windows that allows you to re-run the data validation after manually changing data in the PowerGP Import Grid.
  • Resolved a bug that prevented you from importing Price Lists with QTY Breaks.
  • Added lots of new fields to existing imports based on Partner and Customer feedback.
  • Added PowerGP Import Buttons to the Action Pane of the following Navigation Lists:
    • Accounts
    • Account Transactions
    • Customers
    • Employees
    • Items
    • Payables Transactions
    • Receivables Transactions
    • Vendors


Smartlist Builder / Designer Objects for Export/Re-Import

We have updated all the SmartList Builder (Pro) and Designer (Essentials) objects that allow you to export data to excel and then re-import into PowerGP Online using PowerGP Import to accommodate the new fields added in this release. We have also added new SmartList Objects for Export/Re-Import for the following Imports:

  • Employee
  • Direct Deposit
  • Pay Code Assignment
  • Deduction Code Assignment
  • Benefit Code Assignment
  • Federal Tax Assignment
  • State Tax Assignment
  • Local Tax Assignment


The PowerGP Online HR/Payroll Suite Enhancements

  • We have repriced the HR/Payroll Suite at $14 per Employee per Month on both the Essentials and Professional editions of PowerGP Online.
  • We added SmartList Objects for export/re-import for the Employee Cards.