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Using PowerGP Mobile to help with AR Collections

PowerGP Online is a series of products using Microsoft Dynamics GP, running on the Microsoft Azure cloud, being offered as Software as a Service (Saas).

With the use of PowerGP Mobile, your sales team can help assist in the collection process.  While sitting in front of the customer, or working with the customer on the phone, AR collection can happen. Your salesperson can see open accounts receivables, open sales orders and quotes, and historical documents.

PowerGP Mobile accesses the same SQL Database in Microsoft Azure that PowerGP Online (GP) does, therefore there is no syncing or importing necessary.  That means the salesperson has access to real time data, without having a GP license.

What can you do with PowerGP Mobile?

Since PowerGP Mobile is a native iPad app, it takes advantages of iPad technology, meaning you can:

  • Email a report directly from the app using your iPad email app;
  • Utilize the iPad map to find a customer’s location, even obtaining turn by turn directions;
  • You can call the customer by clicking on the phone number (requires some additional iPad setup);
  • Work from anywhere!

Watch the following video, download the app, and see why you NEED PowerGP Mobile and PowerGP Online!


PowerGP Mobile is available as a free download from iTunes.  Download it and give it a try!