Virtual Conference Packing List

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You might have a packing list for your in-person conferences and events, so why not have one for your virtual ones? Whether you are attending from your office or from your home office, here is a great list to consider gathering to enhance your virtual conference experience.   

Packing List:  

  • Water bottle – Even though you aren’t in a dry conference center, a water bottle is still a good reminder to stay hydrated. It helps keep your attention sharp and body happy.   
  • Pants – Yes, it is virtual, but we have all heard about those stories. Be prepared.   
  • Locate your quick-hit mute button – See above under “Pants.”  
  • Quiet space – Home or office distractions can deter you from getting the most out of a session or the conference. This time is dedicated. Make sure you are in a space that you will be able to provide your fullest, most comfortable attention.   
  • Fun drink – An afternoon pick-me-up or fun drink helps that day be even more rewarding.   
  • Snacks – This is one thing that we take for granted at conferences: constant food and drink displays between sessions and breaks. Give that brain some superfood power!   
  • Comfortable seating – Not too comfortable, mind you, but find a fun, enjoyable space to set up.   
  • All the comforts of home – No packing needed. Enjoy that special oversized chair you have. Use all the blankets you want. Eat during any session. Type as loud as you want without disturbing other attendees. Have Alexa play calming background music. This is the time to make GP Community Summit YOURS!  

Anti-Packing List:

Ever have that Home Alone “KEVIN!” moment as you remember you’ve forgotten to pack something while sitting on the plane? Take a moment to appreciate all the things you don’t have to worry about forgetting when attending a virtual conference.   

  • Phone charger  
  • Laptop charger  
  • Socks  
  • Business cards  
  • Pillow  
  • Airline Free Drink Coupon  
  • Photo ID  
  • Hand sanitizer  
  • Mask  

To-Do List:  

  • Turn on your Out of Office. And don’t be afraid to put a little clever personality in it. Studies show that a fun, engaging, honest out of office is enjoyed by most receivers. For instance, “Currently drinking from a firehose of awesome tips at GP Community Summit! Will get to your email as soon as I can.”  Here are other ideas from Outpost
  • Organize your schedule and block out your calendar. Now is not the time to be taking those last-minute meeting invitations. Even if you are remote working, let your teammates know that you will be unavailable during the conference – at least, as much as you would be if you were attending the conference in person.   
  • After you’ve organized your schedule, make sure you identify the top sessions you know you absolutely do NOT want to miss. Because let’s face it, we always overpack our plans for conferences – and emergency work situations happen.   

Attending a virtual conference may mean missing out on a fun location or seeing your community members, but it can be its own kind of fun! Don’t miss our Top 8 Tips for Attending a Virtual Conference to see other ways about how to make the most of it. 

Community Summit NA for GPUG is October 5-7! There is now a free pass option available, so take advantage of this incredible event! 

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