2 Free Months of Dynamics GP Cloud – GP Spring Cleaning Event with PowerGP Online

February 8, 2022, Written by 0 comment

DynamicsGP Spring Cleaning Event

There is nothing better than a good spring cleaning after a long winter.  PowerGP Online wants to help you clean out your server closet and move your Dynamics GP to the cloud with our PowerGP Online Spring Cleaning Event!  In addition to the already great security of PowerGP Protect and the enhancements you only get within the PowerGP PowerSuite, you also get 2 free months!  Yep, you read that right, your first 2 months are free! 

Maybe you’re due for a server refresh or maybe you’ve been thinking about the security advantages of moving to the Cloud for a while.  There is no better time than now because beginning February 8, 2022 through March 31, 2022, Dynamics GP customers who own their licenses (and are current on their enhancement) can move to the PowerGP Online BYOL (Bring Your Own License) Edition and get their first 2 months for free.   

Already hosting GP elsewhere?  Don’t worry, you can still take advantage of this promotion as well.   

PowerGP Online is the only Cloud for Dynamics GP that allows you to keep your data, keep your ISVs, keep your processes but gives you the modern features of cloud based ERP you want including enhanced security, powerful API integrations, integration with Power BI and better reporting. 

Taking advantage of this promotion is easy and we’ve provided step by step instructions with our PowerGP Online Spring Cleaning Checklist. 

  • Confirm you own your Dynamics GP licenses and are current on enhancement 
  • Email sales@powergponline.com for a quote 
  • Schedule a demo 
  • Sign the contract before March 31, 2022 

This offer is especially great for Dynamics GP customers who are on an older version of Dynamics GP and need to upgrade.  Due to Microsoft’s latest announcement that customers who are emailing out of Dynamics GP and are on a version prior to 18.3 should upgrade, now is the best time to make that move.  Ask us how we simplify upgrades and can eliminate risk during your upgrade as you move to PowerGP online. 

What separates PowerGP Online from other Dynamics GP hosting options?   

Simply stated, PowerGP Online is more than just GP hosted.  PowerGP Online was created by a team of Dynamics GP experts in collaboration with Microsoft to be the RIGHT path to the Cloud for Dynamics GP customers.  In addition to PowerGP Protect, our world class security, you get features and enhancements for Dynamics GP that you have been asking for from Microsoft that are only available in PowerGP Online including: 

PowerGP Banking 

PowerGP Connect

PowerGP Import 

… and more 

Schedule some time with us and we can show you why PowerGP Online is The RIGHT Path to the Cloud for Dynamics GP. 

PowerGP Online Staff

The SMART Path to the Cloud. The curators of PowerGP Online created an easy button accounting software that just works. Whether you are new to the Dynamics GP experience or already have Dynamics GP licenses, the PowerGP Online Editions are scalable and ready to take you farther while giving you the most exclusive, modern user experience.