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PopDock and PowerGP Online – Better Together

PopDock for Dynamics GP is better with PowerGP Online 


If you have been in the Dynamics GP community for any amount of time, you know about the thousands of Third Party/ISVs that are available for Dynamics GP.  eOne has some of the most widely used products for Dynamics GP including SmartlistBuilder and SmartConnect.  eOne recently rolled out a product called PopDock which is similar to Smartlist version 2.  It allows you to get data numerous data sources.  Everything from PowerGP Online (Dynamics GP in the Cloud), but from a lot of other applications as well such as Dynamics 365 CRM, Shopify, ShipCenter and many other applications that you use within your business.  For Dynamics GP customers, think of PopDock as Smartlist and SmartlistBuilder for all of you non GP data, no matter where it lives. 

PopDock sounds pretty cool and easy to use, right?  Well, for PowerGP Online customers, it is, because PowerGP Online is in the list of PopDock Connectors.  As a PowerGP Online customer you can use PowerGP Connect which is our free, secure Resful JASN API for PowerGP Online.  Once you have connected PoPDock to PowerGP Online, you can start pulling in all of the lists that are available with the PowerGP Online connector.   

How is Popdock for Dynamics GP better than Smartlist?

If you use Smartlists, you will love eOne PopDock! There are things you can do in PopDock that you can’t do in Smartlist that will make your life much easier.  For example, drag and drop your columns.  You can put them in any order that makes the most sense for you.  You can also have as many filters as you want so you can see only the data you need to see.  You can create charts and graphs and save them to your home page so you can get a graphical representation of things you may need to take action on.  A good example of this is creating a graph of your customers who have the largest balance due. 

What will happen to eOne SmartlistBuilder? 

As of January 1, 2022, eOne SmartList Builder and SmartView will no longer be available as standalone applications.  Instead, they are being bundled into Popdock.   As a result, every SmartList Builder and SmartView customer must be converted to Popdock on April 1, 2022. 

Since SmartList Builder and SmartView are included with Popdock, you can continue to use your products in the same way you have been. The two biggest impacts to you are a small pricing change, and you will now have access to Popdock. Check out the 10 minute video about PopDock to learn more. 


Effective April 1, 2022, customers will be converted to PopDock.  PopDock promotional pricing for existing SmartlistBuilder and SmartView customers is $120/month (for 3 years).  The price includes PopDock, Smartlist Builder and SmartView.  After 3 years, PopDock pricing will increase to list price of $199/month 


 To show you the exciting features of using PopDock and PowerGP we created a video which can be found in our video training library here.  It allows you to see some of the exciting features included, others you can pull in and a great overview.  

If you’d like to start using PopDock and would like to connect PopDock to your Njevity Cloud services, please contact