Dynamics GP Smartlist is… THE GREATEST!

March 15, 2017, Written by 0 comment


I’ve been using Dynamics GP SmartList for a long time now, and it is…THE BEST.  It’s great.  You’ll love it.  SmartList lets you gather the information you need easily and quickly.  It’s true.

The capabilities of SmartList are…TOTALLY AMAZING.  They’re great.  SmartList comes with basic lists already created – all the top lists – and you can start with one of these and then make changes to make it your own.  It’s true.  You can add columns, remove columns, or move columns around.  You can add a filter – you’ll love it.  You basically put a wall up to keep out those records that you don’t want  – and no one has to pay for it.  It’s TOTALLY FREE with GP.  It’s THE GREATEST.  It really is.  These lists you create – you can save these as favorites and select who gets to view them.  It’s true.  You can have it just available to you, or to other GP users.

It gets better.  This is so great…you won’t believe how great this is.

The SmartLists you run can be exported to Microsoft Excel or Word with the click of a button.  It’s totally easy.  And as you know, once the data is in Excel you can build THE BEST pivot tables, THE BEST reports, and THE BEST charts, especially if you’re using PowerBI.  (PowerBI is amazing.)  It’s GREAT.  Really.  You’ll love it.

I’ve tried asking others to provide information for me.  Sometimes I don’t get the information in time – COMPLETE disaster.  Sometimes the data isn’t filtered or formatted the way I want.  Total failure.  But SmartList solves these problems.  It’s true.


So just to sum it all up…SmartList is THE BEST.  It really is.  It has truly made querying GREAT AGAIN!

Watch a demo to see how Easy and Powerful Dynamics GP Smartlist is.