Dynamics GP Web Client Just Requires Change in Muscle Memory

August 29, 2018, Written by 0 comment

I met with a new PowerGP Online customer the other day.  They are a long time GP User, but hadn’t upgraded in quite some time.  They also knew it was time to get current with technology.  PowerGP Online was a great fit for them.  After using it for about 10 days they had a few things they wanted to review.  My first advice to them was that the Dynamics GP Web Client just requires change in muscle memory.

Much of what they want to talk about was a similar conversation we have with new customers that have finally given up Quickbooks.  Using the Dynamics GP Web Client Just requires change in muscle memory.  The more you use it, the more comfortable you’ll become.  The more comfortable you become, the more you’ll LOVE IT!

For example, when they first started using Dynamics GP, they had to learn how many tabs from the vendor to the amount field when entering an AP voucher.  Well much is true with how you enter GL Accounts.  Pretend you are dialing a phone number.  The 3 digit area code…..quick pause….3 digit prefix….quick pause…final 4 digits.

Using a web application acts a little different, but that is only because your brain knows what it is used to, which is how to work in the desktop version.  Give yourself a few days, maybe a couple weeks at most using the GP Web Client.  The product you know and love is right there, you just need to interact in a slightly different way.  But different doesn’t mean bad.

PowerGP Online IS the way to go when moving to the cloud.  Just imagine how difficult it will be to learn a completely new system – and one that wont even have all the historical data you have.  Stay with what is proven and stable – and now refreshed and exciting!