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How TSPrint by Terminalworks Revolutionized Printing for Njevity’s Hosted Dynamics GP Customers

Njevity, creators of PowerGP Online, is committed to offering high-quality hosting for Dynamics GP, one of the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. Our primary goal has always been to provide our customers with seamless access, unparalleled performance, and a user experience that feels as natural and fluid as using a local application. However, like many other companies in this sector, we encountered a recurring pain point: printing.

Remote desktop and cloud-hosted applications often present unique challenges when it comes to printing. Whether it is due to maintaining printer drivers or compatibility issues, these challenges can result in unsatisfactory customer experiences. That’s where TSPrint by Terminalworks came into the picture for Njevity.

What is TSPrint?

TSPrint is a remote desktop printing software that bridges the gap between remote desktop sessions and local printing, offering a seamless solution that doesn’t require downloading and maintaining printer drivers.

Here’s how TSPrint has revolutionized printing for our customers:

1. Seamless Printing from Anywhere:

Before TSPrint, customers faced challenges when attempting to print documents directly from Dynamics GP hosted on our cloud. Now, with TSPrint integrated, they can print to their local printers no matter where they are, just as if they were printing from a local application.

2. Plug-and-Play Functionality:

One of the standout features of TSPrint is its plug-and-play nature. Our customers didn’t need to go through convoluted setups or configurations. Once TSPrint was installed, it immediately recognized the printers, streamlining the entire process.

3. Reduced Support Calls:

One of the most significant indicators of TSPrint’s efficiency was the noticeable drop in support calls related to printing issues. This not only improved our support team’s efficiency but also elevated the customer experience, as they encountered fewer problems.

4. Efficiency and Speed:

TSPrint’s optimization techniques meant that even larger print jobs were handled swiftly and without any hitches. This was particularly beneficial for our customers who needed to print multi-page reports or large check runs.

5. Secure Printing:

In today’s digital world, security is paramount – especially when dealing with sensitive financial information in an ERP. TSPrint ensured that all print jobs were sent securely, giving both us and our customers peace of mind.

The Verdict

TSprint by Terminalworks has truly transformed the way Njevity, Inc. approaches printing for our PowerGP Online customers. It has not only addressed our immediate challenges but has also proven to be a reliable, long-term solution that continues to meet our evolving needs.