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Mekorma Pricing Changes

Want to know more about the changes to Mekorma and what features are being added?

Here is a list:

  • All the payment automation we had formally called “Multi-Batch Management” is now included in the Payment Hub. It’s just a matter of getting things set up and as Jay mentioned we can help.
    • Automation of Payment Batch creation
    • The ability to process and post all payment batches from one window, across company databases.
    • EFT and Safe Pay file automation.
  • Task Based Security is everything clients could get with our old security models plus more. Couple great things about TB security;
    • We are now completely integrated with GP Task and Roles
    • Unlimited Threshold levels
    • A lot more flexibility in how you can assign approvals, threshold levels and signature logic for each checkbook; in the same company or across companies.
  • Mekorma has its own area page, no more hunting around for Mekorma windows in GP navigation.
  • Enhanced Table Maintenance capabilities
  • Out of Office settings for Secure Approval Workflow
  • The ability to reject vouchers from a vendor payment instead of the whole payment amount from a batch. (x80 build)
  • Power Approvals App for purchase (x80 Build) This gives approvers a cross company view and ability to approve all payments from a tablet, phone or web browser.

If you have questions, please reach out to our PowerGP Online Team at