New Release and Features Update (August 2021)

August 24, 2021, Written by 0 comment

New features and capabilities are coming to PowerGP Online and the PowerGP PowerSuite on August 30th, 2021.

A new release of PowerGP Online is coming. A couple of items might look a little different after this next deployment – but in a good way! This release will include updates to some of our PowerGP Connect endpoints, a few minor updates for PowerGP Import, and updates to security items.

Here are a few more details:

  • The first time PowerGP Online is opened after this deployment users will automatically be on their own user specific homepage instead of landing on a PowerBI page. However, if users have already toggled themselves to their own homepage, they won’t see a difference in what is presented.
  • All Alternate/Modified ID’s will be set to the PowerGP Online windows (unless a different 3rd party window is in use). For most windows, this will just ensure that our PowerGP Import button shows at the top of the window. However, for the Payables Transaction Entry window, if users do not have our security, they will see an enhanced window with extra vendor information.
  • New security enhancements for PowerGP Import are also releasing. Please be aware that if a PowerGP Online user has the security designation of a “Power User” – they will be automatically able to access all of our PowerGP Import features for all modules. If a user has specific security settings and they want to use our PowerGP Import tool, access must be granted to the applicable PGP_”feature”_Import roles.
  • One of the PowerGP Connect objects has been renamed from getPayablesDistributions to getPayablesDistributionsOpenWork – the old name will no longer be there so if you’re is using the old name, you will need to update any related items.
  • We’ve added support for 1099NEC to our PowerGP Import tools and it will work with any version of GP that has 1099 NEC functionality.  To use this option, select the correct 1099 Type from the drop and then then click revalidate. This will populate the 1099 Box with the default box number and description.  To choose a different box number, you will need to key in the number and the description.  Examples:  1099 Type = Misc you could key in 1 Rents as the box number.
  • We’ve added support for Intercompany transactions for Journal Entries and Payables Transactions.  To utilize this function, please download a new template file from within the applicable import window.  Note:  The Intercompany ID must be entered in all capital letters.
  • Serial Number and Lot Number tracking has been added to the related PowerGP Import options – Item import and Inventory Transaction Import.  Please note when importing transactions with serial or lot numbers, you’ll want to create a separate file for each tracking type.  Importing a file with both serial and lot tracked items will fail validation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact support at

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