3 Cool New Features Coming to PowerGP Online This Summer

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3 Cool New Features Coming to PowerGP Online This Summer

This summer, PowerGP Online will be leveling up with new additions to the PowerGP Family! As with all of our powerful add-ins exclusively by and for PowerGP Online, this new functionality will be available for free to all PowerGP Online users upon release.

– PowerGP Financials will join the PowerGP PowerSuite
– Rockton Toolbox will be added to the PowerGP Bundles
– A New PowerGP Connector is coming!

The PowerGP PowerSuite

PowerGP Financials

PowerGP Financials will be released as a new application within the PowerGP PowerSuite in all editions of PowerGP Online – including our BYOL edition. PowerGP Financials is a Financial Reporting and Analysis Solution built directly within PowerGP Online that makes creating Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements within both the PowerGP Online Desktop and Web Client experiences. Version 1 produces Financial Reports in presentation quality Word Documents. In Version2, we will be adding Presentation Quality Excel Reports. 

Here is a full list of our PowerGP PowerSuite Apps (which are included for free in all PowerGP Online Editions):

  • PowerGP Banking
  • PowerGP Import
  • PowerGP Connect
  • PowerGP Protect
  • PowerGP Concierge
  • PowerGP Migrate

The PowerGP Bundles

Rockton Toolbox Features

We will be adding the following features of the Rockton Toolbox to the Premium and Premium+ Editions of PowerGP Online. This value-add will be completely free for both current and new customers in the Premium and Premium+ Editions. 

  • Batch Review – Provide one central location to view, edit, approve, post, and generally manage all transactions across major modules (GL, RM, SOP, IV, PM, POP).
  • Security Manger/What If – Review PowerGP Online security and Segregation of Duties (SoD) settings required by your SOX Auditors, print reports to prove you have sufficient SoD controls in place, and see the impact of making security changes before you make them.
  • Reason for Hold – Requires the user to enter a reason when they put a Customer or Vendor on Hold. 
  • Payment Approval – Provides auditing and tiered approval of payments.
  • DocSync – Allows you to retain all or part of a Sales Document Number as it moves from Quote to Order to Invoice. 
  • Inspector – Helps you find the tables that contain the information you need for reports and SmartLists. If you can find the field on a PowerGP Online window, Inspector will reveal what table contains that data.
  • PopUps – Display Information (global notes, personal notes, and tips) to the user on virtually any window in PowerGP Online.
  • Object PopUps – Automatically open record-level PowerGP Online notes when an entity is selected or displayed. 
  • Other ToolBox Features:
    • Mentor
    • Password Policy Options
    • Inactivity Time-Out for Remote Desktop Sessions
    • Safe Login
    • Security Task Builder
    • Login Logging
    • Close Confirmation
    • Company Title Car
    • AutoFill System Password

PowerGP Online Add-Ins

PowerGP Online PopDock Connector

The PowerGP Online connector for eOne’s PopDock self-service BI and Reporting app will be available for Basic, Standard, Premium, Premium+, and BYOL additions of PowerGP Online. Each PopDock User will need a PowerGP Online Platform, Self Service, Limited or Full user to access PowerGP Online Data. 

The PowerGP Online PopDock Connector securely retrieves data from PowerGP Online through the PowerGP Connect API. User security can be managed in PowerGP Connect and PopDock to ensure that users only have access to the data they are authorized to see. 

PopDock is the next evolution of SmartLists. It allows users to quickly retrieve, filter, sort, and total data from PowerGP Online and dozens of other cloud apps. PopDock provides a single place to view and report on all your data, regardless of what app it started in.  

For more information on PopDock, visit the PopDock website here: https://popdock.com/  


We are always on the quest to simplify, inform, and delight! These new additions to the PowerGP Online family bring incredible capabilities and exciting simplifications to your PowerGP Online experience, and we are very excited to be launching them. Keep an eye out in our newsletters for more information, schedule webinars, trainings, and more as we prepare to add these features to your PowerGP Online Environment.

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