Outgrowing Out-of-the-Box

Are you outgrowing Quickbooks, Quickbooks Online, FreshBooks, or another small business system? Are you using Microsoft Excel to run your business? PowerGP Online is a good fit for what you need.

Power GP Online is easy to use and easy to administer, yet has features that you’re more likely to find in larger accounting software packages like:

  • Secure. Safe because you can’t delete transactions after posting and it has audit trails. It follows GAAP standards to protect you from fraud.
  • Better cash flow management. In Power GP Online, you can manage payment plans, budgets, sales forecasting, and vendor payments. If you’re currently merging multiple reports into a messy matrix, you’ll instantly appreciate the financial forecasting offered by Power GP Online.
  • Integrated supply chain management. Are your systems in separate silos? Oftentimes, we see customers who have one system for accounting, another to manage customers, a third for online order processing and web sales, and a bunch of Excel spreadsheets and little databases gluing the systems together. Keeping the data in sync is a pain. You’re never quite sure if it’s accurate, and it certainly doesn’t seem to be efficient. If you keep thinking “there’s gotta be a better way” – there is.

Plus, why would you manage your own servers and software if you don’t have to? Power GP Online is always up-to-date, always backed up, and highly secure making PowerGP Online the best cloud ERP for small to medium sized businesses. Outgrowing Quickbooks is a good thing. Let us help you grow further.