Our Commitment to Dynamics GP

April 13, 2023, Written by 0 comment

Curious about our commitment to Dynamics GP? It’s ALL we do!

PowerGP Online is so much more than Dynamics GP hosted in the cloud; although it certainly is that. The foundation of PowerGP Online IS Dynamics GP. Hosted. In the Cloud. But on top of that foundation, we have added:

  • PowerGP Banking – a bank reconciliation tool that connects directly to your bank using your online banking credentials and makes reconciling your accounts simple, fast and ‘red pen’ free.
  • PowerGP Connect – a RESTful API built on top of the eConnect Business Logic Layer of Dynamics GP that provides a modern data integration endpoint capable of both reading from and writing to PowerGP Online from other apps like Excel, Power BI, Power Platform, PopDock and so many more.
  • PowerGP Import – a super simple import tool built right in to the Dynamics GP windows you want to import data to. With no complex data mapping required, you can say bye-bye to Integration Manager forever.
  • PowerGP Protect – a world class cyber security posture designed from the ground up to keep you and your data safe in the PowerGP Online cloud. You can rest easy at night knowing that our team and our technology is working together to keep the bad guys out of your data.

In addition to all of this, customers that are using our Premium and Premium Plus plans also get Rockton SmartFill and Toolbox, Nodus Credit Card Processing, and a membership in the GP User Group (GPUG).

Our Commitment to Dynamics GP Customers

We created PowerGP Online to provide our Dynamics GP customers with a modern, secure and authentic cloud experience. Not only are we committed to Dynamics GP, we are committed to PowerGP Online.

And we put our money where our mouth is. Not only are we releasing a major new feature update to PowerGP Online this year, we are also working on a HUGE new product for PowerGP Online that represents a significant investment in Dynamics GP. We will be unveiling this awesome new product at the Community Summit in Charlotte, NC in October where we are a Premier Sponsor and host of the PowerGP Online Party.  I can’t wait to show it to you! I hope to see you there.

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Mike McPhilomy

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