PowerGP Summer 2022 Release Highlights

August 2, 2022, Written by 0 comment

We are very excited to announce our Summer 2022 release of PowerGP Online and all the related modules.  This release includes updates to PowerGP Banking 2.0, PowerGP Import 8.1.0026, and PowerGP Connect.

PowerGP Banking 2.0

Based on feedback from users, we’ve enhanced the Auto Match feature in PowerGP Banking and we’ve added a Multi Match feature. Auto match (figure 1) is now more intuitive in what transactions are matched and Multi Match allows you to match one-to-many or many-to-many transactions during Bank Transaction Matching.  We built this feature to help accommodate scenarios where you might have, for example, five checks entered in PowerGP and only one deposit amount in the bank – or vice versa.

Auto Match

Multi Match

In addition to enhanced matching, we’ve also added memory functionality.  PowerGP Banking can now track what accounts you code transactions to and will then auto-populate the account number for future transactions!

We fixed several known issues and added the ability to revalidate account credentials so when you’re changing your password at regular intervals, as everyone should, you can now ensure PowerGP Banking is using the correct credentials.


PowerGP Import 8.1.0026

With this new release of PowerGP Import, we’ve revamped the import window to enhance functionality.  Required fields are now indicated in red and we’ve added a Delete button at the end of each row to allow you to easily exclude specific rows from the import.  In addition, we now preload the window with a blank set of rows and users can type directly into that grid to create an easy ad hoc import.

For inventory transaction imports, the data imported can now contain lot numbered items and serial numbered items in the same file as well as negative transactions. And for vendor imports we’ve enhanced the 1099 fields by adding the 1099-NEC type and by ensuring the 1099 Box shows only the box number available for each 1099 Type.

Vendor Import


PowerGP Connect

The updates to PowerGP Connect were primarily related to security.  We fixed a known issue with adding user/company security and we ensured our login windows were functioning as expected.

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