The Best Way to Protect Dynamics GP from a Cyber-Attack Isn’t What You Think

February 27, 2019, Written by 0 comment

The best way to protect your Dynamics GP environment from a Cyber-attack may not be what your accustomed to. At Njevity, we prepare for these scenarios and work hard at preventive measures so if you are attacked you are prepared and can continue functioning as a business. One of the ways we can prepare you is by providing backup, archival and recovery as per our SLA at no additional cost. We also offsite our backups to a Njevity owned Azure Storage Account at no additional cost. It’s really difficult for an ERP customer to do this themselves.

In the wake of Cyber-attacks that seem to be growing, some customers may look to hot/warm failover solutions to protect themselves. However, it is important to note that a hot/warm failover protects against the loss of the where your data is physically, not against a cyber-attack like ransomware or other bad behavior. Ransomware attacks are sophisticated and are deliberately slow so they can get what is valuable to you.  It is almost certain that ransomware would be replicated to the Hot/Warm failover site and that both the primary and secondary sites would be compromised.

The best way to protect against a cyber-attack like ransomware is to:

  1. Build walls around the perimeter network that are so high and so thick that the bad actors cannot get in.
  2. Build walls within the internal network to limit the damage that can be done if a bad actor does get in.
  3. Maintain backups that cannot be encrypted by the ransomware attack individually.
  4. Keep Windows, SQL, and Office up to date on the latest security patches.
  5. Pair Anti-Ransomware tools with existing Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection.

This threat seems dauting and scary.  It’s why a cloud provider who has the resources to make these investments and to maintain them makes sense. It is why we hire a team of White Hat Hackers to proactively perform security audits in which they attempt to hack into our cloud and then assist us in closing any holes that they find. As of our last audit, which was performed less than a year ago, we did not have any serious gaps, but every time we learn more ways to protect you.

Njevity also offers customers the option of using Multi-Factor Authentication to make the walls around their environment even more secure and to help prevent a compromised account from gaining access. Multi-Factor Authentication adds and extra layer of security to your environment by allowing you to add text-a-code password protection, so in the event your password is compromised, you are still protected.

In addition to this, we keep our backups in a segregated, secure area of our network as well as in Azure; We automate the deployment of Microsoft security patches and critical updates; and we protect our environments at both the endpoint and individual server level with anti-virus, anti-malware and anti-ransomware tools.

With these added measures, we believe strongly that Njevity the creators of PowerGP Online, has the ability to successfully deter devastating cyber-attacks and can help keep your business safe in this wild place called the internet.