Trademark Usage Guidelines

PowerGP Online is the intellectual property of Njevity, Inc. and all PowerGP Online trademarks must be used in accordance to the below guidelines.

These guidelines apply to all Njevity employees as well as PowerGP Online customers, partners, and third party vendors. You may reference PowerGP Online products and services using the PowerGP Online trademarks, so long as the references are truthful, fair, and not misleading.

Njevity, Inc. retains the right to change or modify these guidelines at our sole discretion.

Guideline Do’s:

  • The PowerGP Online listed trademarks may be used without written consent from Njevity, Inc. in blogs, electronic messages, news articles, distributable content materials, and websites so long as the guidelines are followed.
  • Properly designate all of the PowerGP Online trademarks with ®.
  • Use the PowerGP Online logos as provided.
  • Use the PowerGP Online trademarks in Social Media content.

Guideline Do Not’s:

  • No not make PowerGP Online trademarks possessive.
  • Do not assert rights over the brands of PowerGP Online in any way – including incorporating a PowerGP Online brand into your own product, services, logos, company names, or domain names.
  • Do not alter, animate, or distort the PowerGP Online logos in any way.
  • Do not combine the trademarks with any other symbol, words, images, or design – or incorporate them into a tagline or slogan.
  • Do not use PowerGP Online trademark in a disparaging or degrading manner.
  • Do not suggest Njevity, Inc. or PowerGP Online trademarks endorse or are affiliated to other products, companies, or services.
  • Do not use trademarks on promotional merchandise that you are selling or distributing.

Trademark List

  • PowerGP Online®
  • PowerGP PowerSuite™
  • PowerGP Desktop™
  • PowerGP Protect™
  • PowerGP Connect™
  • PowerGP Import™
  • PowerGP Mobile™
  • PowerGP Concierge™
  • PowerGP Banking™
  • PowerGP Financials™
  • PowerGP Migrate™

If you have any questions about the PowerGP Online trademarks or trademark guidelines, please contact us at