Integrate with Other Systems

In the market today, many online applications exist. You no longer have to rely on one software provider for an end-to-end solution. It’s a common best practice to have a pick what’s best for you approach. To get these new applications to talk to each other, it’s usually done through an API (Application Programming Interface).

PowerGP Connect is a next-generation Cloud API for PowerGP Online, and is a rich, secure, RESTful platform upon which developers can build deep integrations between PowerGP Online and other applications (on-prem, mobile and cloud).

PowerGP Connect is the integration engine that powers our out-of-the-box integrations with PowerGP Mobile, Power BI and Power Query. It’s really easy to use and is flexible to expand to customization’s or additional ISV products.

Connect your business data across your cloud apps is easy with PowerGP Connect. You don’t have to give up your additional apps just because you change accounting software, not with PowerGP Online.