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Introducing PowerGP Online

Introducing PowerGP Online!  Well, you’ve heard the saying:

Something old, Something new, Something borrowed, and Something blue.

This old rhyme tells what a bride should wear to her wedding for good luck, and it seems to be a fitting rhyme for us to use as we introduce PowerGP Online.

Something Old

First, given that I, myself, am somewhere in my mid-forties, I want to clarify that old does not mean bad.  I prefer tenured, wiser, better and trusted.  With that, I introduce Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Dynamics GP has been around for many, many years.  The development teams responsible for this product over the decades got their start from their sister product, Great Plains Accounting.  They moved from the old blue screen, DOS based system to Ctree and Btrieve and eventually on to SQL Server. Over the past twenty some years, file structures and backbone are not all that has changed.  Great Plains, now Dynamics GP, has morphed into a full ERP system that is GAAP compliant.  Aside from all of the feature and functionality upgrades, it now has a stunning HTML 5 web client interface, allowing users to function anywhere, anytime on any device.  Dynamics GP may be old, but it has a proven track record of growth with an enormous user and professional community that cannot be rivaled in the US.

Something New

Even us ‘old’ people are starting to see the value of looking at things in a new way.  One of the newest ways is through mobile apps.  PowerGP Online offers data mobility.  Users are no longer tied to their desk or office; they can now check account balances and customer information from the golf course through PowerGP Mobile.

Something Borrowed

As awesome as Dynamics GP is, and although it can do so much, many businesses have very unique needs.  The ISV (Independent Software Vendor) community has proven invaluable in solving these unique needs.  PowerGP Online is taking the standard Dynamics GP product and adding some of the most common and most beneficial ISV products to the standard offerings. Additionally many other ISV products will be available to meet the needs of other businesses.

Something Blue

What the heck could be blue when it comes to software?  Microsoft Azure or The Microsoft Cloud.  Who wants to buy and maintain servers when you can move to the cloud?  Microsoft Azure offers a trusted, safe, familiar place for you to put your business applications.  With Data Centers across the country and guaranteed uptimes from Microsoft, we couldn’t think of a better place to put PowerGP Online.

So you take Microsoft Dynamics GP, add mobile apps and some ISV product and now put them all up in the Microsoft cloud.  What does this give you?  It gives you a tried and true ERP system that meets your unique business needs and allows users to work anywhere they want and get data any way they want.  All of this is given to you through the security of the Microsoft cloud with a low cost of entry.

Introducing PowerGP Online

And so, just as when you get married you get a new family, we want to welcome you to the Microsoft Dynamics GP family and to PowerGP Online.

Coming Fall 2016!