Importing 757 Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger Transactions into PowerGP Online in 43 seconds

December 20, 2016, Written by 0 comment


In the video below you can see how fast and easy importing Microsoft Dynamics GP General Ledger Transactions is with PowerGP Online.  In fact, I show it only taking 43 seconds to import 757 journal entries that are comprised of 4,652 distribution lines.    I even get tongue tied in the video, but because the stopwatch was running, I kept recording.

PowerGP Online can easily import GL Account numbers, GL Journal Entries, Customers, Customer Transactions, Vendors and Vendor Transactions.  The super cool part, it is done right from the browser, any browser.  You can even import using your iPad, how cool is that????

These imports can be performed as part of your initial implementation or performed multiple times a day, whatever your needs dictate.


Watch the Video below to see it in action:



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