Meet Melissa!

October 3, 2019, Written by 0 comment

Number of Times at Summit: I think 5, but basically since Convergence ended so whenever that was lol

Favorite Color: depends, I basically just don’t like yellow hues

Enneagram Type: 6 (followed very closely by a 9!)

Big Passions in Life: travelling – it’s a great big world and I love exploring it

Thing I love most about Summit: Feels like going back to summer camp and seeing friends

Where you can meet me: GP Hub, PowerGP booth, advanced networking opportunities

Meet my other PowerGP Online Teammates that will be at GPUG Summit 2019 –

Pam Misialek
Brianne van Rennen
John Lowther
Mike McPhilomy
Chris Dobkins
Emily Roen
Darin Vialpando
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