6 Great Morning Routine Add-ons When Attending a Virtual Conference

August 19, 2020, Written by 0 comment

When laying out the guide of top tips for attending a virtual conference, one of the secrets included was to add something unique to your morning routine. When going to an in-person conference, there are advantages to being here are in a completely new space – out of the office and away from home.  

A virtual conference doesn’t provide that same luxury. Work-life and home life are still distractors that can pull attendees’ attention away from the event. They can also quickly overshadow the content of the conference and lead to virtual burnout. Let’s be real – no one knows if you’re mindlessly scrolling through social media during the session. And those who take on multitasking as a life challenge might be tempted to do just that. 

Having an exciting, successful virtual conference experience can simply be the difference between a typical morning routine and an exceptional one. Here are six new morning routine add-ons for when attending a virtual conference to help transform it from standard to extraordinary.  

Tip 1: Get physical 

Even if physical movement is already a regular part of the routine, try something new. It could be as simple as walking through the neighborhood or incorporating some new yoga movements to a new cardio exercise. Adding movement doesn’t just have to be part of your morning routine. Take advantage of mindful breaks in the schedule to add some additional movement. Stationary under-desk peddling systems are an economical option too. Not only will it be physically beneficial, but it will also help shift into recognizing that the next few days will be new and unique. It may also offer a moment to reflect on the day ahead and set intentions for it. 

Tip 2: Make breakfast something special 

Try something new for breakfast or make a treat out of it. It would require some prep work, but consider trying a new, simple breakfast from another culture. Or buy that special blend of coffee that’s worth the splurge now and again.  

Tip 3: Shift into a learning mindset 

Conferences often include information overload. In fact, that might be one of the ROI attributes for attending. Flex those brain muscles and prep them for the day by adding some dedicated time for tasks like puzzling or even learning some basics of a new language. Duolingo or Babbel are great tools for this.  

Tip 4: Social hour 

If socializing increases energy, add a morning coffee hour with friends or coworkers (just don’t talk about work!). Or make a new breakfast meal together – virtually. Starting the day with an energizing activity is the end goal.  

Tip 5: Investment reading 

Incite creativity by reading thought-provoking articles. Reading news articles might already be part of the regular morning routine, so branch out into new subjects. Order a thought-leading book on something pertinent to your role or business and set time aside to read a chapter or two in the morning. The reading might even spark a new concept or application for something provided in the classes that day.  

Tip 6: Review 

Be fully invested with the conference by reviewing set goals and predesigned agendas. Having an idea of what is coming next and the desired takeaway will help ensure the conference provides value. Of course, always leave room for flexibility or shifts, too – you never know where inspiration will lead you! 

While setting up the day for success can be crucial for making the most at a virtual conference, how you end the day and not fall into the virtual burnout pit is arguably just as vital! Upcoming: 6 ideas for end-of-day habits when attending a virtual conference. 

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