Howdy, Y’all! GPUG Summit 2017 Debrief

November 1, 2017, Written by 0 comment

Did you know that every PowerGP Online “power user” receives a Free, one-year membership to the Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG)? 

What is GPUG?

The idea for GPUG grew from the vision of a few Microsoft Dynamics® users – to connect with other Dynamics users and learn firsthand the best way to leverage the software they used every day. From that initial vision to the official founding of the Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG), and continuing today, our mission has never wavered: to maximize the value to individuals and companies using Microsoft Dynamics GP.

One of the best parts of a GPUG Membership includes the ability to attend one of the many Dynamic Community events throughout the year.

In October, PowerGP Online was a Gold Sponsor and exhibitor at GPUG Summit 2017 with about 8,000 other Microsoft Dynamics GP users in Nashville, Tennessee. We enjoyed three busy days of the conference and networking with other Microsoft partners and users to motivate each other.

During the week, we hosted a PowerGP Online Partner Training Day at The Inn at Opryland. We welcomed Partners from around the country who spent the day with our team learning about all the amazing new features within our product.

This year we had an amazing GPUG Summit celebration called Funky Tonk at Acme Feed & Seed. Thank you to our great ISV Partners including, Integrity Data, Greenshades, Jet Reports, Rockton Software, and Nodus. Everyone had a blast as we danced the night away in downtown Nashville! Oh, did we mention that there was a photo booth?

We were also able to present hours of quality, educational content back to our GP community. On Friday alone, our team presented over 11 hours of content combined! In case you missed it, here are some of the PowerGP Online sessions from GPUG Summit 2017.


Chris Dobkins |CEO/President | Njevity, Inc.

 Should I move my Dynamics GP

It seems that Cloud messaging is everywhere. But what does it all mean? And how does Cloud impact Dynamics GP customers? Should I move Dynamics GP to the Cloud or keep it on-premises? Should I consider a Public Cloud or go Private Cloud? How does Microsoft Azure factor into all this? Will my Dynamics GP system work in the Cloud? What about integrations and custom reports? Join us for this session as we cover the various cloud options for Dynamics GP, the benefits of Cloud vs on-premises, how to save money in the Cloud, and best practices for moving your Dynamics GP system to the Cloud.


HTML5 Web Client – What Works (and What Doesn’t)

Concerned that the Dynamics GP Web Client isn’t ready for Prime Time? Worried about your reputation if you recommend it to your colleagues? Well, good news! We have done the research and will share our findings. If you are a forward-thinking Dynamics GP end user or administrator, you should attend this session! Join Njevity CEO and President Chris Dobkins for an enlightening conversation about the newest Dynamics GP Web Client.


Belinda Allen | Business Intelligence Program Manager | Njevity, Inc.


Intermediate Power BI Data Modeling

Power BI is everywhere. You may have taken a class already; you may have started building reports and dashboards or maybe you want to get started. Preparing and transforming your data is essential to creating powerful and meaningful visuals. In this session, Microsoft MVP Belinda Allen shows some techniques she uses on a regular basis.

Make Financial Data Come Alive with Power BI Dashboards

Dashboards illustrate your company’s key data, allowing you to leverage data to start internal conversations and give your business a strategic edge. Come to this interactive session where we can talk through what and how to get the most out of your financial data, what formatting makes the most impact and how to make the key drivers of your business shine through.

DAX 101 for Power BI

In this breakout session, you’ll learn the basics of the DAX language, Power BI’s modeling language. We will introduce you to the concept of calculated columns, measures, and basic data modeling, with some practical examples you will reproduce on your machine. This introduction will cover basic calculations and an overview of all the scalar and table functions.

The Power of Excel & Power BI

Use Power BI to take your Excel worksheets to the next level. In this session, we will delve deep into Power BI leveraging Microsoft’s tools ?” There are many tools that create a strong bond between Excel and Power BI. In this session, we’ll review these tools and see them in action.

Using What You Learned

During the session, we will learn to apply the concepts and methodologies of Power BI, such as visuals, into your real business scenarios to ensure that you walk away from Power BI Thursday with a sound understanding of how Power BI can work for you.


Melissa Sandrovich | ERP Practice Manager | Njevity, Inc.

I’m Ready to Ditch MR, Now What?!?!

We all love Excel, so why do we keep producing reports in other tools and exporting to Excel. Learn why Jet Reports is the way to go. We will review the reasons for transitioning, how to leverage the knowledge you already have from Management Reporter, and save time! Join us to get your reports in everyone’s favorite tool – EXCEL!




John Lowther| Cloud Applications Administrator | Njevity, Inc.

Self-Healing SQL Servers

Can your SQL Servers heal themselves with they have a problem? Can your SQL Servers notify someone that there is something wrong with the data itself, without you actually doing anything?

Integration Using Only SQL Code

Learn the tips & tricks to integrate information into and out of Microsoft Dynamics GP using T-SQL code. To make sure you are prepared to learn, recommended prerequisites are knowledge of Microsoft T-SQL, stored procedures, triggers, setting up SQL jobs, SQL Profiler.

Maximizing SQL Server Performance

Increase your confidence and knowledge as we explore how to maximize the performance of a SQL Server running Microsoft Dynamics databases. We will also briefly review the settings you should be using, along with other important things you can do to increase performance.


Tudor Coleman| Manager of Cloud Services | Njevity, Inc.

SQL Backups and Maintenance

Backup and Maintenance are two of the key components of managing a SQL Server. Are you really doing everything you should? Make sure you are backing up everything you really need to back up – are your backups really valid?


Thank you to our clients and partners for a successful GPUG Summit 2017. We hope to see you next year, for GPUG Summit 2018 in Phoenix, Arizona!

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